What is Wurcly

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Find a job with a couple of swipes

It's 2019! Why should you have to sit around in a stuffy temp agency to find a new job? We think that finding work should be quick and easy, so Wurcly have made it simple: just use your smartphone. Install the app and select the kind of work you want. A couple of swipes and the job is yours!

Wurcly is a fully digital temp agency. You simply use the app to scroll through a list of employers until you find the right job for you. Select the job that appeals and you'll automatically get a call. It's easy to accept an assignment, check out employer reviews and download your wage slip. And best of all, we will transfer your wages (including holiday pay) to your account within 24 hours!

Find work in minutes with Wurcly.

The quickest way to find the staff you need

"Good employees are hard to find"? With Wurcly that's a thing of the past. Wurcly is the quick and easy way to find the quality personnel you need.

Whether it's bar staff for a party or a festival, medical personnel for a care home or sales staff and delivery drivers on busy shopping days, our easy-to-use app allows you to find the employees you need with a few clicks on your smartphone. The ultimate in flexibility around staffing costs, capacity and employee selection.

All in line with the latest sectoral agreements on terms and conditions, no worries about pensions or the tax man, and the ratings system means you are always sure of getting the right person for the job.

No fuss, simply reliable workers when you need them.

You can find suitable staff for your needs in a few minutes with Wurcly.

What does Wurcly cost(for employers)

Cost overview

How does Wurcly work

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    Create an account

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    Choose your job

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    Get to work!

  • 1

    Create an account

  • 2

    Place an ad

  • 3

    Choose an employee

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Why Wurcly

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For me Wurcly is the ideal sollution to quickly find good staff.

Sebastiaan van Dam
Brasserie Van Dam

We regularly need staff at the last minute. This is always troublesome and expensive. Wurcly makes it possible for us to find staff quickly.

Essam Jansen
EA events

When I need money fast, I just apply for a fun job. I make my money quickly and can get back to doing the things I enjoy.

Demi Wilkes

I like variety in my work, so that is why I often work with Wurcly. I can flip through the available jobs easily and pick the one that I like best.

Ward Strootman

I was a bit hesitant about this new concept, but now I am very excited. I can finally work at all the coolest events.

Isaya Elais

With Wurcly, you get paid directly and that includes holiday allowances!

Dylan Klaver